Government and  Municipal Tree Service

Government and Municipal Tree Service

Supreme Tree Experts also offers services for projects on government-owned properties. We do anything from pruning damaged limbs that are obstructing sidewalks, removing trees that are dangerously placed, creating greater visibility on streets, or restoring valuable shade trees through a process of restorative pruning. We can take the trees in your care and treat them as the valuable asset they really are. Our team understands the significance of the visual impact of landscaping on visitors to an area.

Municipal governments and agencies can rely on us to deliver professional services with timeliness, expertise, and intelligent planning. We understand that our team of certified arborists are able to provide invaluable insight to the proper care and maintenance of the trees on a government-owned property. Further, we believe that systematic tree maintenance can reduce risks and improve the aesthetic impact of a location. Supreme Tree Experts is happy to work flexibly with the needs of municipalities in scheduling and designing their projects.

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Supreme Tree workers cutting down large tree stump