Long Beach Palm Trimming

Long Beach Palm Skinning

Palm trees are relatively easy plants to feed and water, but when it comes to maintenance professionals are usually called. Our palm skinning services take great care to not hurt or destroy the tree.

Long Beach Palm Trimming

If your palms are yellow, brown or broken we will trim them for you. Another good reason for Long Beach Palm Trimming is certain types such as Date Palm Trees produce fruit that will later drop and make a mess of your yard and stain your concrete. Heavy clusters of palms might even need to be thinned out in contained spaces.

Long Beach Palm Removal

Damage from heavy Santa Ana winds are a major cause for palm removal. Maintaining care for Palm Trees can be very dangerous. If you are unsure of how to care for your Long Beach Palm Tree then call the experts at Supreme Tree Experts Long Beach – Facebook. Long Beach Palm Trimming, Long Beach Palm Skinning, Long Beach Palm Removal, Long Beach Palm Service, LB Palm Tree Storm Damage Removal.
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Supreme Tree workers cutting down large tree stump