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Tree trimming service (or pruning) in LA County is an imperative tree service for maintaining the beauty and well-being of your tree as well as keeping your property safe. It consists of natural shaping, branch trimming, crown reduction, and sometimes tree removals are needed. Tree pruning is a science infused with art and the ability to see a tree’s individual components while simultaneously seeing the canopy as a whole.

Our field supervisors monitor each job site and can communicate the necessary trimming to our climbers. Without the proper maintenance, branches could rub together which creates entry points for pests or disease pathogens.

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How to Find the Best Option for Your Budget

Tree trimming services is one of the things people are not super excited to pay for, just like buying new tires or car insurance. Just like when it comes to your tires or car insurance, it’s important that you select what will benefit you (and your wallet) long term.

Cheap car tires and insurance might seem like a smart decision, but we all know that when the unexpected happens, you will be paying THOUSANDS more for damages that could’ve been prevented.

It is somewhat the same as selecting the right tree service company.

Here’s Why We’re the #1 Tree Trimming Service in Southern California:

  • Supreme Tree is Fully Licensed & Insured

    • If you hire a tree service that’s not fully covered, you can be liable for any “accidents” that happen.
    • Some tree services and companies are scams. They will take your money and disappear or do a terrible job that will cost you more in the long-run.
    • Be weary if a tree service is not licensed! This says a lot about an individual and a business.
  • Our Online Reputation Speaks for Itself

    • Quickly check out reviews about tree services online from at least 3 sources. Google, Yelp & Facebook are great places to start. Pay attention to what customers say about their customer service, reliability, and attention to detail.
  • Supreme Tree is a Full-Scale Maintenance Company

    • Sometimes many individuals list themselves on local directories. Although there is nothing wrong with that, when it comes to tree trimming or removal, it’s extremely important that the person is trained, able and safe when completing the job. Many times individuals lack in training, equipment, and safety standards, which can result in damage to themselves, your property and anyone nearby.
  • We Offer Free, Accurate Estimates

    • To save money, ask if a tree service can come to see the tree in questions for a detailed and accurate estimate. Some tree services and companies might charge a driving fee.
    • Supreme Tree Experts also offers price estimates if you text us an image of the tree!
  • Our Pricing is Honest and Upfront

    • We all would LOVE cheap things, but this usually means that the person is not insured, experienced or will do a bad job & they know it!
    • Don’t settle for just 1 estimate. We encourage you to get at least 3 estimates and REALLY consider safety and attention to detail for tree trimming. Sometimes, a tree can be trimmed at a low cost, but it will kill/damage your tree or it will look like a cheap haircut.
    • Also, be sure to compare in-person estimates to in-person estimates. Lots of companies can give you a “ballpark” estimate. That can be very different from when they show up to do the work.
Commercial tree trimming truck at office building in Orange County
truck trimming a palm tree
Supreme Tree Boom Truck with Crane trimming tree and Chipper in front of residential home
Supreme Tree truck streetside in santa ana trimming tall trees with crane

6 Signs You Need a Local Tree Trimming Service

  1. The tree is too close to powerlines
  2. Branches are too close or touching your home
  3. Visible dead or hanging branches
  4. Uneven canopy, sloppy looking
  5. Trees have not been trimmed in 3+ years
  6. Branches are rubbing together
truck trimming a palm tree

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5 Benefits of Our Tree Pruning Service

Having your trees at the very least annually trimmed results in many benefits from curb appeal to reducing safety hazards.

  1. Increases property value
  2. Healthy trees with a longer lifespan
  3. Reduce risk during a storm or falling limbs
  4. Reduce pests and diseases
  5. Increased sunlight
tree removal company at work in an orange county neighborhood

Tree Trimming & Pruning Services FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions on Tree Trimming & Pruning services.

What are the different types of tree pruning?

Remember, every cut will have a different effect on your tree. Don’t just mindlessly remove a branch. Constant tree pruning will put tons of stress on your tree and cause it to slow down its growth. Proper and timely pruning is extremely necessary. Here are the various types of pruning:

  • Cleaning: Removing dead, dying, weak, diseased and low branches from the tree crown.
  • Thinning: Removing selected branches to improve the structure and allow more light and air penetration through the crow.
    • (Pro tip: Good choice to reduce the weight on branches and retain tree shape!)
  • Raising: Selectively removing low branches to clear out way for cars, people, buildings or views.
  • Reduction: Reducing the size of the tree

When is the best time to prune my trees?

If your tree has hazardous branches hanging, trim immediately. 

If you plan to do some ‘light’ pruning (removing less than 10% of the foliage), you can do it at any time. *True for most tree species.

If you have a ‘deciduous tree’, a tree that sheds leaves during winter the best time to prune is during the ‘dormant period’ which is right between the time when the leaves of the tree begin to fall and the end of winter. 

If you have an ‘evergreen tree’, the ones that never shed leaves, the best time to prune is late winter. Pro tip: Trimming in late winter reduces bark beetle infestation on conifers (trees that have pinecones).

At all costs, avoid pruning trees (especially the ones that are stressed out) during or right after their initial growth in springtime. 

When is the best time to prune dying tree branches?

If your tree has branches that are dying, diseased, or just dead, you can call us to remove them at any time of the year. Removing these branches will not harm or result in damage to the tree.

What is tree topping and heading?

Topping (heading) is the worst practice you can apply to your trees. It’s when a person mindlessly and carelessly slices the top of tree branches from a tree that are not big enough to be able to hold the new branches that will grow on them. 

Many property owners who fail to educate themselves on the proper way to prune a tree or inexperienced “pros” make this mistake year after year.  

Tree topping results in:

  • Tree stress
  • Tree decay
  • Tree sunburn
  • Tree branches become weak and result in being a hazard
  • Trees look ugly

What are other names for tree topping?

Other names for tree topping are:

  • Heading
  • Tipping
  • Round over

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“Great service! They cleaned my lot when they were done!”

Terry S.Tree Removal - Anaheim, CAGoogle

“These guys are not cheap, but they do a great job and are capable of working in a high-end garden without destroying it.”

D. DelangePalm Tree Trimming - Corona Del Mar, CAGoogle

“Amazing job! We were very satisfied with the service Supreme provided us. The whole process was easy from start to finish. Would highly recommend them”

Eli M.Tree Trimming - Santa Ana, CAGoogle

“I’ve used Supreme Tree Experts a number of times and have always been happy with the work done! Work was completed on schedule and the crew was very polite and on time. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a knowledgeable tree service”

Angie F.Tree Trimming - Santa Ana, CAYelp

“Temis really knows what he is doing.  He is a tree expert.  He and his team came out to trim a very troublesome large tree and another average sized tree for us. They showed up on time, they were extremely professional and did an incredible job.  Temis who is a certified arborist supervised the entire job.  They cleaned up and put everything back the way they found it.  We are very pleased with the job Temis and his team did for us.  Thank you for doing such wonderful work.  I highly recommend and will be using them for ongoing maintenance and future tree trims.”

Anna L.Tree Trimming - Los Angeles, CAYelp

“I was really happy with Temis when he came to the house and looked at my tree situation.  We had a huge tree break during a wind storm and he had the guys out a few days later to pull the tree and all of the roots. Huge Job and reasonably priced. His guys were very friendly and did a great job.”

Dutch S.Emergency Tree Service - San Juan Capistrano, CAYelp

“Supreme Tree is an excellent company to hire! They were great with what I was looking for. Do you self a favor and hire a company that is beyond capable of meeting your needs! Thanks, Supreme Tree Experts!!”

Dulce G.Tree Service - Huntington Beach, CAYelp

“Apo was very professional and provided more than asked. His crew did a great job at cleaning up my tree removal. I would highly recommend and will contract him for future work!”

Vince D.Tree Removal - Huntington Beach, CAYelp

“This is my second time using Supreme Tree Experts. I’ve mainly had trees removed and can speak to their service with that but also See first hand how they sculpt my neighbor’s large trees. Professional, the cleanup and they understand how to properly shape a tree.”

Matt C.Tree Removal - Costa Mesa, CAYelp

“SUPREME…. Supreme Tree Experts have cared for our third of an acre property (large trees and shrubs) for several years.  They are true professionals, lace and trim trees expertly…No top/chop and go here. Their clean up is amazing and carefully done.  The crew is efficient and gets work done in a timely manner. I highly recommend! Thank you Hernan for the fine job!”

Nancy S.Tree Removal - Huntington Beach, CAYelp

“Needed a Queen palm removed from our front yard. Was quoted from other companies quite a bit of money and a few weeks lead time. With Supreme Tree I was happy with the quote amount and they could do it within a few days!! Said they would be on sight by noon to remove it and I came home at 12:30 to find a couple of guys cleaning up, no palm!! Couldn’t be happier about it and would highly recommend them.”

Jody S.Palm Tree Removal - Mission Viejo, CAYelp

“Supreme’s crew just removed a 100′ tall, 55-year-old ash tree from our front yard and did a “supreme” job.  It took 3 days including stump grinding.  They were on-time, on-cost, no property damage, and good safety procedures evident.  They left the work-site clean and ready for re-planting.  I recommend them!”

Richard P.Tree Removal - Costa Mesa, CAYelp

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